Silent speaking ghost

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous


Everyone asking for ideas and opinion.
Yet whenever I give mine I always get told it’s a stupid idea that I was thinking.
Even when I try to state a good opinion,
It never gets heard.

It’s only when someone else state it does it get heard,
Then they get praised for their good idea.
The idea that had once belong to me,
But now belongs to someone else.

Every time in every group I get told these annoying words,
Leaving me with little choices of saying.
Until I am left with one option to go to.

Just to sit there and stay quiet.
So i’ll do just that,
I’ll just sit there and stay silent,
Listening to their conversation and vanish into an invisible ghost.

Ending up becoming nothing but an empty space taking up room where someone who’s better than me should be sitting at.

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