Girl That Loved

October 10, 2017
By Amy Lincoln BRONZE, Keams Canyon, Arizona
Amy Lincoln BRONZE, Keams Canyon, Arizona
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A sad heart tries to breathe
Going outside to smell the breeze
"Oh baby moon" she cries
"Why tonight?
I'd go to the end of time for him,
and still he doesn't love me."
Walking to her bed,
Sighing ever so loudly,
While the moon seems so bright
On a briskly dim night.

"Does he think of me?
As much as I do of him?"
She wonders.

Oh, how she wonders
Oh, how she craves the warmth
The warmth of that bittersweet embrace
when they had parted ways.

She knows she will never be loved
By the one she longs for.
Yet, wants nothing more--
Even if it's not romance.

The author's comments:

To my lost love

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