Ways To Make Love: A List

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Touch me

Hold me to your soft edge
Caress the slanting and dipping curves and folds of me

Sing to me
Cradle my body against yours using your voice and tone
Leave me safe, secure, unashamed in your presence

Touch me
Tap into my well in ways only you’ve found work
Delve beneath my facade to find me
Let me flood you with my love

Read to me
Anything, everything
The back of your prescriptions (I want to make sure you’re okay)
Your favorite book as a child (Show me who your favorite hero was)

Touch me
Let your hugs linger after you’ve left
Leave your finger tips at my neck
Kneading the sensitive skin there carefully
I’ll keep them warm

Come to me
Send bits and pieces of you
In packages when I can’t hold you hand
Parts of your soul in the letters you send
Waft up to me from your handwriting

Touch me
Come home from a long day
Bring your heart to me
At the door your shoes can stay
Or better yet, christen our first apartment
Cleaning with you is as great as making the mess

Provide for me
I don’t mean in the monetary way
Give me the physical affection to keep me going
The warmth of your hands
Cupped against my cheeks
Brand me and make me yours

Touch me
My soul has been waiting to be loved
And by every wink and smile my way
There’s a butterfly effect erupting
And I love you

Listen to me
Learn the way my body responds to you
Theres a twitch here
I shake when you do that
Please keep doing that

Touch me
Jesus Christ touch me
Touch me because no one has ever touched me
Not like you do

Beat for me
Your demons, my demons,
Fight them to the end
Let your heart pulse for me

Touch me
Because this is the most ready way
I know you love me

Touch me
From my toes to my hair
My soul god dammit touch everywhere.   

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