October 9, 2017
By alexisbackus BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
alexisbackus BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
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He is a cage of butterflies

And as they bat their wings

Against the metal rods

He pulls at my heartstrings


He is unknowingly an old soul

Within him lies the gentlest heart

His fingers trace my edges

As if he's known them from the very start


I curl at his touch

A tingle left behind

He whispers in my ear

His words echo in my mind


I've tried to find

A heart as gentle

A mind as intelligent

But I simply cannot settle


Still, he is everything

I have been looking for

He found the key I lost before

Without knowing, he swings open the door


And his heart is pure

His love is kind

I'm in love with his spirit

I'm in love with his mind

The author's comments:

Being a teenager, I had always believed I was too young to fall in love or to date, that I was too young and naive to love someone. The day I had admitted to myself I had fallen in love, I wrote this piece. I had found that this person had shown me what it was like to want to be better for someone else, and it still sticks with me to this day. Even though this person and I are no longer together, they have made a big impact on my life and how I view love today. This includes loving yourself in order to receive the type of love you are wanting.

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