If I Knew Who She Was

October 5, 2017
By BraleyJ BRONZE, Twin Lake, Michigan
BraleyJ BRONZE, Twin Lake, Michigan
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If I knew who she was
The girl whose sobs
I could hear from down the street
The girl whose tears you could hear
Hitting her feet

If I could just say a few words
Hold her hand
If I knew who she was
Oh, I know what I would’ve said

I would’ve told her to go home
To put on a baggy knitted sweater
In order to feel small
To walk down the winter streets as fast as she could
Without a fall
To find a small coffee shop where she knew no one at all

I’d tell her to find paper and to write
The words of her choice
And I’d massage her hands as
I gave her this advice

I’d tell her to write poems
Or songs
I’d tell her they didn't need to rhyme at all

And I’d tell her to not leave until
It becomes as dark as the coffee her ex spilled while he was yelling
But once the sun sets, and the coffee shop is as empty
As her heart feels
I’d tell her to find a taxi

I'd tell her to make the man drive
Until you couldn't see a glint
Of the city lights
I'd tell her she'd know when
When the time was right

I’d tell her she’d know
When the time was right to yell stop
Through all the tears
And then to look up
And forget all the years

All the years she was broken
All the years that made her lose hope
All the years she felt useless

And to let her heart float

I’d tell her to look at the depths of the stars
Oh and I'd look into her eyes
I'd tell her it would make her realize she can do anything
I’d prove to her
There’s no reason to cry
By showing her the stars
High in the sky

The author's comments:

I wrote this in my 10th grade English class after reading "If I Should Have a Daughter".

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