October 24, 2017
By Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
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Your birth
Determines your worth

Inner goodness welcomes some
But some stay glum

Many trails lay ahead
But that is what some people dread
For something to be set in sand
Rather than stone

If you share
Fruit shall bear
The need of a gavel
Will have traveled

At the end of day
Nothing matters
Except if you may
Your greatest desires

If no bond
Holds you back
Then wish your wand
For everything you lack

A speeding bullet
Won’t stop
Unless you deflect it
With a bop

Desire for yearning
Is nothing but
Used for outlasting
Those around us

One universal thing
Transcends us all
Torment and pain
Clings onto us
Woven in
Since we existed

Pain is what we all understand
No matter who we are

We all feel it
Bit by bit
Or like a truck
Overflowing your senses
Rendering you useless

Pain is like a bottle
Stirred and shaken up
Waiting to blow

Poke holes
And let it
Flow out
So it lessens

A glass of water sits
Is it half empty
Or half full
You decide

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