October 24, 2017
By Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
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All the people in this world
think they’re fine
while I feel
they’re bringing on their own demise

what they don’t understand
is that it is
brought upon by their own hand
While you blame me for this

You might miss all of this
all of these ignorant souls
forget all their roles
But i think I can fix this

they all pay no heed
to their own feed
and no one ever takes the lead
and plants the unique seed

all of you escape
until it is too late
until your fate
is sealed on this date

in a dungeon
with no light
all there is
is endless night

you may feel a bit of appeal
but don't give in
you are you
And what you feel

Let them try hard
To make you cry
But if you don’t buy
They’ll  be barred

what you need
is a lead
let's begin
and start to dig in

clear your mind
of everything you find
and file them away
in your duplex

unleash your bind
and you will find
Yourself inside your mind
If you’re  failing to abide this

Look inside you
And you will find bliss

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