Lull in the Storm

October 24, 2017
By Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
Spacerock12 SILVER, Bangalore, Other
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Open up my door

And I see more

And more

It’s always such a bore

Workers toiling

And toiling

As the day shifts into night

They return into their slumber

Only to repeat this

Day in

Day out


All of them miss

To realize

Cattle in a field

With boundaries

March on toward

A break in the fence

None steps out

Over the bars

That holds them within

I don’t blame them

For their sin

This world

Has always been

A factory

Churning out


Which adhere

To the latter

Few realize this

And take steps

To make sure

They don’t get lost


In this colorless society

Any colors splashed on

Are wiped off and coated

With a gray layer

Which is imprinted

On everyone who walks out

Of its doors

This societal impediment

Humanity’s mistreatment

Is a great misdeed

Upon which they feed

In this darkness

Sparks still fly

But in scarcity

Cause of the vile.

A net is cast

Upon the ocean

Oh so vast

And one by one

They come

One by one

Oblivious to the trap

The select few

who did shoo

look back

in the tracks

Mass teaching

And preaching

And leeching

And seeding

Is the fate

Some fall into despair

But some don’t think it’s fair

And they fare better

Than those who don’t dare

Chances come and go

No waiting

All it takes

Is to prance

On the prey

For your sake

Clones clone clones

Layers and layers

Of black and white

Soldiers march

Onward and onward
Order prevails


In this world

All should be

Spick and span

A drop of blood

In a sea of blue

A grain of rice

In a sea of black

Which appeals

And makes you feel

Such emotion

Creates a notion

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