The Splashing rain

October 24, 2017
By JLenz BRONZE, Abu Dhabi, Other
JLenz BRONZE, Abu Dhabi, Other
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The water dashes and splashes with spluttering slashes it crashes and clashes with the roaring drain and slowly but surely it'll rush away once the clouds have flown away


and the humming breeze will whisper away while splats of water will puff and decay


as a million grass go to bed and on the stormiest nights they are cosiest of them all


at the end of the day the moon will pop and dreams will be shared as the light fades away people go into rattling snores of sleep and slowly and slowly the rain washes away but maybe tommorow it'll come to play!

The author's comments:

This peace is an poem for "onomatopoeia" and its a school project that i made within 5 or 6 minutes. Its also my first "Poem" i made that actually sounds good. thanks for reading and have a splashy rain where it pitter patters on the tin roof of you're beautifull homes!

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