the girl made of glass

October 23, 2017
By sammyshey BRONZE, Weston, Connecticut
sammyshey BRONZE, Weston, Connecticut
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i am glass

i am a tall glass of water
and you drink from my lip
until i am empty
and all i am left with
is your spit

i am a display window
a boutique’s facade
the street i’m on is cushioned by rain
so i cannot hear your footsteps approach
you stop and you stare
but i know better than to be flattered
you are only looking at your reflection on my surface
you are window shopping

i shatter

and you sweep the shards of my silica bones
        and you melt me down
              and i’m new again

The author's comments:

This is a poem to all fellow women who have felt that they are not good enough, felt crushed, felt shattered, by another individual. To all women in need of a reminder that they are shatterproof.

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