Colorful Emotions

October 23, 2017
By lois00 BRONZE, Sparkill, New York
lois00 BRONZE, Sparkill, New York
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The world we live in is dark,
and scary,
and grim.
I live by a routine,
one monotonous step after the other,
every single day.
The only thing that keeps me sane,
are the thoughts swirling in my head.
Bright and colorful,
contrasting with the dullness of my life.
In my head,
my emotions run amok,
images flashing by.
Deep blue lilies clashing against the orange monarchs,
but blending in perfectly with lavender birds
that fly away into the sunset.
My anger bursts into flames: red, orange, yellow,
but warms the coldness of my gray indifference.
These emotions bang against my skull.
begging to be let out.
One day,
my head will burst
and my thoughts will finally be free.

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