October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

    You are part of me
    You make me laugh and cry
    You have given me strength and power
    But also weakness and defeat
You lead me to adventure
    But you’re my ball and chain
I’ve tried to fix you
    I’ve cut you 
    I’ve torn you up
    I’ve pushed you to your breaking point.
    You’ve done the same to me
    But it's made us stronger
You wouldn’t let me leave when you were broken
    You kept me up all night
    Tossing and turning
    Everyday i was stuck inside watching tv for you
    All i wanted to do was go on a walk with someone
    Eventually we re-built
We bent
      And took a new shape
We’ve been through thick and thin
    But it was worth it
    Without you I couldn’t hold myself up
You are my knees.                       

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