Finding a Purpose: A Tutorial

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

Just the other day,
I began to ponder
The meaning of life.

What is our purpose?
Why are we here?
What do we mean to those who hold us so dear.
So I decided to ask some questions
That needed answering.

First, I spoke to Religion.
It was quite disorienting,
As there were many versions of her
And each version had their own beliefs.
Each version told me that to find Purpose,
I must look inside myself.

I had a conversation with Beliefs and Values.
They were,
To say the least,
The most opinionated persons that I have ever spoken to.
But they told me one thing,
That I took as advice.
What shapes your Purpose is
What you mean to others.

I spoke with Family.
Which was really just a large group of loosely affiliated people.
Family said that in order to find a Purpose, you must make one for yourself.

Surely enough,
After I went home,
Crafted a Purpose for myself using only my
And Family
I found a Purpose staring me right in the face.

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