October 23, 2017
By rise-eck BRONZE, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
rise-eck BRONZE, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania
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The moon watches intently;
she glides across the earth.
Each step meticulous,
as she continues her way in Euphony.

The trees stare
anticipating her next move.
She shimmers in the moonlight;
the glow making her beautiful skin luminous.

Like a snake,
searching for its prey.
Precision is key-
nothing can deny her stealth.

body contorting to the world,
her movements never cease.
Her options are unlimited.
This is the place of harmony.

The depth is sonorous.
The trees express accordance,
the moon is congruous,
and all is peaceful.


The author's comments:

I was sitting in my room thinking of what i should write when the thought of water came to me. i was thinking what i could write bout water, for example, the tremulous rapids or the calm stream. thats when itcame to me how peacful it all was and I thought I would like to share my thoughts. this is because nobody really stops to listen anymore. This poem is supposed to reflect the peacfulness of the water and let the reader realize what theyre missing out on.

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