Where I am from

October 23, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from crayons
From soap and my hometown
I am from the swing set in my backyard
Old wooden and creaking in the wind
The dandelions that you wish upon,
And the big oak older than my house

I am from family christmas movies and loud mouths\
I am from my grandparents
I’m from the jokesters and the loud laughers
From the don’t rough house with your brother you’ll get hurt and
The don’t say bad words you’ll get your mouth washed with soap.

I’m from the every sunday church goers, and the
You shall not have any other God’s before you
I’m from the hospital I was born at and the country where my family started
From pizza, and my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies
From the pictures snapped of me when I was a baby
I am from the leaf fallen from the family tree.

The author's comments:

All of the things that happen in our childhood, who we grew up around, how we grew up and the items that we grew up with all make up who we are. I decided to use all the different things in my childhood and put them into a poem, and use them to say where I was from.

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