“our” generation

October 23, 2017

in our generation
we’re all so distracted
we’re all so lost
in our generation
no one knows what they want
no one knows how to be themselves
no one knows how to be individual

in our generation
everyone is in a rush
a rush for what
like we’re in a rush to catch a bus
we don’t even take the bus
think about it
we are too rushed
to even take a bus

in our generation
the most educated in history,
told to go to college,
“the future of America.”

in our generation
we don’t:
value education, learning, or knowledge
have the money for college
care about America

in our generation
we have:
no drive for what it takes to be knowledgeable
no energy to make it through college
come to the conclusion that prior generations have Ruined America For Us

in our generation
i foresee failure
i foresee helplessness
i foresee the lack of individualism

in our generation
i see a lack of respect
i see a lack of logic
i see a lack of responsibility

in our generation
we don’t know how to listen
we don’t know how to follow
we don’t know how to shut up when we should

in our generation
we are so detached
detached from our families
detached from our emotions
detached from ourselves

in our generation
we’re known as millennials
millennials want simplicity
millennials want to be successful
millennials want to live a life full of happiness

in our generation
we’re not setting ourselves up for what we want
we admire those that are “extra”
we can’t seem to succeed at anything
we cause so many problems, we’ll never live happily

in our generation
we’re told we have it easy
we’re told that we get paid far better than previous generations
we’re told that we all just want to go to school to party

in our generation
there are countless people who sacrifice sleep to do schoolwork, feed their failies, and worry
tuition now costs 25% of the average salary, in 1971 it was 7%, and we’re in debt
some know that you can’t get a doctoral degree with illegal substances and raving it up

for our generation
I’m Scared

for our generation
we are stuck with a bad rep
a bad rep from those who are our grandparents
our grandparents who we spent our childhood with
didn’t they raise us?
and we’re to blame?

so here’s the thing about our generation
it needs to change

the first possible change for our generation
is that we start acting correctly
act so that it benefits our future
act so that our grandparents see hope in us
act so that we can live happily

and if that doesn't happen
let me leave
i want out
i am Not what this generation Is

in “our” generation
no one knows how to listen
no one knows how to follow
no one knows how shut up when they should

Here’s the thing about That generation
i’m leaving
i’m not part of it anymore
if that generation can’t be viewed positively
then i don’t want to be in it

in that generation
there’s a lack of respect
there’s a lack of logic
there’s a lack of responsibility

in our generation
I’m Not In It.

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Ellie said...
on Nov. 4 2017 at 2:23 pm
I really like the repetition you used in each stanza. It is very powerful and drives home each point that you are making.

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