October 23, 2017
By amoghas BRONZE, Guwahati, Other
amoghas BRONZE, Guwahati, Other
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He tells me I am barren,
And I grow a bed of
Unwelcoming thorns inside me,
Allowing no bud to bloom
But he is ignorant of the
Daisies and tulips I have
Watered to grow inside my heart,
To dance to its rhythm with the
Joy of nurturing buds that
Were never born in my soil.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem inspired by a book I had been reading. The protagonist of the book faced problems relating to child birth and her husband hadn't taken it well. 

Through my poem, I want to tell people that women are capable of showing motherly love irrespective of whether they can give birth or not. Showering love upon a child born to another mother and accepting that child would define the kind of motherly love a woman who can't give birth has. 

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