October 24, 2017
By jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
jacklyn10 GOLD, Hartland , Wisconsin
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There comes a time of clouds that float above you
Dark and the taste of bitterness that drags the cloud closer to you
A time where if you peak under peace you can hear the cries of discrimination
When the swirl of loneliness sounds like a slinky on a never ending staircase
And the bark feels like a flu shot you need to have, piercing and unforgiving


But at the center of rock bottom there is a light shining on a new idea
Where the shape of the past can’t fit into a box only carved for the future
When at the top of the morning waits a new beginning and sound of an alarm clock
And where if you turn hope on high, you’ll see the sunrise of colors that fill the sky with cheer
And when you tiptoe through the Valley of Happiness you might find to dance through it instead

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