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October 20, 2017
By Shadow. GOLD, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Shadow. GOLD, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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one of the reasons i fell down
the stairs so much
when i was younger
was because
right before i
hit the bottom
it felt like i
was flying
in that small moment
it felt like i could do anything
like anything was possible
if you willed it hard enough.

now i am wise.
i am a scientist
and i know that
people can't fly
that the laws of physics
say no no no.
but is it so bad
to be a child
to believe in
fairies and trolls and flying?
to believe that somewhere
there is a magical land
and i might find it,
if i look hard enough?
i still hold on to these
fantasies, these hopes.
i still believe in magic and dragons
and flying
right before you hit the bottom
of the stairs.
am i still a child?

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