October 20, 2017
By Anonymous


Remember blue, blew, and bleu?
Yeah, that type of thing.


It’s like identical twins.
Yeah, they look the same,
But they’re their own person.
Another one.
They’re, their, there.
They have their own DNA, ideas, interests,
Just like words have their own meanings.


A twin can stand on their own,
Be its own word.
A twin can have their own voice,
Be its own sound.
Together, others can’t distinguish.
‘Tier’ or ‘tear?’ ‘Peer’ or ‘pier?’
Context is necessary.
They hate to be mistakened.
‘A tier rolled down my cheek?’


The one I say is the one I think.
“Blue” and I think of “B-L-U-E”
Only for homophones, though.
Regular words aren’t worthy of the thought process.


There is no relation.
Blue is a color.
Blew is an action.
Bleu is the name of a cheese.
Their sounds are the only connection,
And it’s not enough.
Both words and twins.


Visually it makes sense.

Orally it makes sense.
Another one!
Sense, cents, scents.
But it doesn’t make sense.

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