Green Gold

October 20, 2017
By CreateWrite BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
CreateWrite BRONZE, South Riding, Virginia
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Green like the crisp blades of meadows,
but really a doughy brown like the mud that once occupied the beautiful spot
With the ugliness of the blemishes that resemble these hues
Crisp and fresh, flat and ironed, the elegant way everyone accepts it
But squishy and crinkled, crumpled and torn, causes the rate to significantly decrease
The visual appeals that turn our mind from right to left,
Pure and polluted 
The dirtiness of the glory we all wish to possess
And the curly haired, professionalized, fossilized portraits
Whom pocket no attention
Even through the multiple hand offs that create touchdowns
For players,
But for the subs it just causes fumbles
And for the fans, it causes a learning opportunity
For the learning opportunities,
They’ll be handed off and fumbled and watched and realized
Further, than the initial handoffs
From which the filthy auburn beige bronze has come from
The stains, those of which resemble the raunchiness of the bathrooms at the Micky D’s down the street, every few blocks
But an incomprehensible difference between the solitary statement and the cardinal values with a different fossil forward
Never understanding the discrepancy between the slight differences of their sticky values
In terms of gold, we have no silver
It has racked up more miles than a flight attendant or a truck driver, and even an extensive spender
Soon to be imaginary, untouchable yet tapped by the rectangle fruits
No longer tangible and unable to have the ripeness and stench of trace

The mutation of our oxygen to the aroma of splendors
A sense only wafted in the boxes of separations where we hand out our effort in the interest of splendors
The splitting of the green machines that create the limited gold
Regulated by our mines
The notes of wood that was found in the midst of fall on the wheels of hay ridden only during the season of orange and brown
One of the top 10 logics for the parting of two joined seas
Number two actually, behind the fall of faith
Causing the destruction of people and craziness
The reason for indifference
In terms of money, we have no money

The author's comments:

This piece is a realization of a common topic that is often overlooked. After reading this poem I hope that the reader can also wonder why we value such odd things.

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