The Beach.

October 20, 2017
By hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
hazelbrown SILVER, Exeter, New Hampshire
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The sound of waves crashing down on the rocks, wind whipping up sand
and releasing it in the faces of crying toddlers,
seagulls screeching like nails
slowly being run across a chalk board.
The voices of the people you love by your side.
The smell of the salty, crisp air as it whirls around your face
and glides smoothly across your nose,
sweet hickory bonfire smoke flowing in the wind.
The sight of the sun and clouds being smeared across the sky
into a variety of different beautiful, soft, pastel colors.
The feeling of the cool sand sneaking in the gaps between your toes.
What's left of the sun shedding its warmth onto you.
The taste of the sweet, sweet, peaceful yet salty day
coming to an end.

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