Meaning of Love

October 19, 2017
By Tadhg GOLD, Portland, Oregon
Tadhg GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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"They watched as she danced in the flames and they wondered why she wasn't burnt. And she would glance at them and ponder how they coped with the cold."
-J.M. Storm

I know the meaning of love
I was taught since I was a child
That love means forgive and forget and forever
That mistakes and mishaps are just bumps along the way
That they are rocks on the rocky road to paradise
That life is lifeless without love
But I know the meaning of love
Because to me love has no meaning
Hardest lesson learned
And I learned it last of all
Love is such sweet poison
Killing me slowly
Killing me softly
Pumping in my veins
The euphoria of love covering the euthanasia
Ecstasy and adrenaline rushing through my heart
Nearly stopping it
You can never stop it
You can never stop me
I am invincible
I am in love
And then I feel it
White hot agony replacing every feeling in my body
The poison reaches my racing heart
It stills in submission
It is cold
It is dead
And that's how I learn my lessons
Through pain and regret
This cold dead heart will not beat for anybody else
I knew the meaning of love
But love no longer has meaning

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