Teenager Life

October 19, 2017
By Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
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We start when we are young, ecstatic about growing up.
Elder age hits and we are missing the joys of the youth years.
However, when we are teens we don’t wanna be teens.
We don’t want to be adults let alone grandparents.
We wanna be somewhere people only visit us once a year if at all.
Somplece where the earth years mean little.
The grave is the new home teens seem to long for.
Never wanting to keep seeing the uprising of the sun.
Only following the downfalling of the sun.
Everyone can only get along when they say “I wanna die”.
What happen to us?
Why are we always sad?
Why do we linger in the shadows?
Everyone wants world peace right?
How will we achieve this?
We all die and everything ends.
World peace will make it so we are all happy.
The shadows cloak us from those we hate.
We are sad cause nobody notices us.
What happened was that the world started to burn.
How exactly does this make sense?
We as a people know others are struggle.
The homosexuals, emo, depressed, ext.
There a ways to escape that pit.
Through anyway possible.
Please I beg of you don’t stop in your youthfulness.
Although I guess… that’s the “Teenager Life”

The author's comments:

This is something I take to heart.

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