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October 19, 2017
By SomeArtist BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
SomeArtist BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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Why are we still talking rather people should be married for love? Why are we still debating upon rather crimials should be punished for crimes?

Why aren't we speaking on the troubles, real troubles, of the world around us? Of our planet falling apart?

Or do you need a kneeling NFL player in the middle of the ruins left behind for you to pay attention? 

The author's comments:

When writing in journalism, you talk alot about politics. While I try to stay open minded of everyones personalities and have my arguments without emotion, it is hard when many have the same focuses and views. This piece was something I randomly thought of in my head. With Detroit not having clean water for so many years, and America hating immigrants even though their ancestors themselves are. Yet they still wish to talk of people in no way affecting their lives, or anyone's in a negative way in fact, instead of issuses to help others.

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