October 23, 2017
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    They point out your insicurities,

They glare at you like daggars.

They shove you and push you down,

As your esteam goes lower,


                                              and lower,

You begin to cry,

To hate the world.

You just want to run away,

To a place where there is no pain.


Those do not exsist.

Life can only get better if you stand up!

They will stop if you stop,

they will cower if u stand up,

they will becoe powerless if you become powerful!

      As you fall lower and lower into the dark hole, 

You ask your self "Where is my helping hand?",

There will be no helping hand unless u speak up!

Thats how you save your self!

They point out your insecurities,

They glare at you like daggars,

They show you push you down.

They are bullies.

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AllTheLit said...
today at 2:27 pm
u r very inspirational
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