This Is How You Keep Going

October 22, 2017
By theblonde SILVER, Parkland, Florida
theblonde SILVER, Parkland, Florida
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this is how to breathe properly when you think all the air in the room has dissipated

this is how to fidget subtly so as not to disturb your peers

this is how to make a good first impression

this is how to make eye contact with your superior

this is how to find the appropriate time in a conversation to smile

this is how to show the appropriate amount of gratitude

this is how to look confident when you want to run and hide

this is how to blink away the tears and pretend you are tired

this is how to acknowledge that forgetting is sometimes healthy

this is how to walk quickly as to avoid all of your peers

this is how to always be busy so you have an excuse when asked to go out with friends

always make eye contact, people notice if you don't

do not scream, especially when you want to
you can think about screaming, but do not scream

your hands are not maracas do not shake them in public

drink at least 8 cups of water a day, tears can dehydrate your skin

make sure your nails are nice presentable

do not pick at your nail polish

do not cut your hair spontaneously

always talk to someone about it

write about it when you cant talk about it

eat fruits and vegetables every day, you need the nutrients

do not ignore your responsibilities and let them manifest

do not succumb to it

always make the first greeting and make it a compliment

do not smile for too long at anyone

do not fall short when you have come so far

do not succumb to it

it is not you and you are not it.

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