Autumn in Remembrance

October 22, 2017
By Anonymous

A chill in the air breaks
The chiming melody of the summer breeze
The soft ringing of owl-eyed nights under the sticky sweet sky
In between the limbo of the past and present
Remembering what you used to do and teaching yourself to do it again
But a song you have sung is never as tangible as the first time you heard it
You can’t hold something in the same way twice
Ignorance is the sweetest taste of all
Now as I feel myself growing colder
I know I am descending into autumn
Dropping into the waters of the past
Reflecting on the meaning of the word ‘falling’
Like the leaves from the skeleton branches
Burning with a fiery passion of red and yellow
The flicker of time between red
To orange
To yellow
To brown
Reminding me how much my colors have changed as well
When I look at the flaming trees
I remember all the times I have laughed and smiled
And all the times I have tossed and turned in restless anxiety
The warm tune of all the songs I have ever loved
And the jagged pulse of the ones i’d rather forget
But remembering them just the same
As leaves swaying on the same tree
And turning vibrant from my passion to keep or discard
As I watch the sparks dancing in the wind
A bittersweet remembrance tugs at my soul
Jaded from the changing times
But painted beautiful from the moments I slowed down enough to ease my trembling heart
It is this time during the rapidly shifting seasons
Where I am reminded of all the beauty and sadness
That has fallen from my natural form
But have remained a constant part of me
As new ones form to hold the empty spaces
I recede into myself
Away from a world that confuses me
Here I love and cherish and hold and keep
In a world made of moments
I can slow down enough to hear my heart pulsing with all its clarity
But as the air freezes once again
I know that this time I will not let the bittersweet tunes of change escape me
But recall every memory as a piece of myself
Every time I see a leaf fall.

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