The Blue and The Orange

October 22, 2017
By echleborad BRONZE, Summerset, South Dakota
echleborad BRONZE, Summerset, South Dakota
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I have loved the same people for years upon years
They are aware that I cry, not the amount of tears
Recently blue is for the day and orange is at bed
I can feel a calming peace start to settle in my head
Now I look in a mirror and not flinch at the sight
I am happy I think, if only slight
I see now the sun as a raging ball of fire
My head said it was dark,my head was a liar
There will still be bumps
But I won’t always be slumped
Tomorrow will come
I feel as if I could  hum
For how happy I am because of the blue and the orange
They aren’t very big, I had forgot my smile is
My cheeks are sore, their stone wall was severed
I now have realized pain is not forever
The bleeding is subsiding
My personality stopped hiding
In the creases of my sheets and the darkness of the day
Tomorrow will come, I will want to stay
Though it hasn’t been long
I  am still sad you are gone
Though I love now your smile can stretch for miles
Your memory stays, though your body could not
I understand happiness is not something taught
You showed us kindness, you showed us love
Your laughter rings from heaven above
I miss you always, by day and at night
I feel only pain thinking of your lost fight
But the sun has shone through,
I will laugh at your shoes
How goofy they were, just like us I am sure
Tomorrow will come, your birthday will too
A year will pass, and we still will feel blue
The orange and the blue will help me get through
I will dream of the day I get to see you
Fly High Gavyn, you’re missed everyday
Rest in Peace, always hard to say.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece after being put on anti-depressants two months after my friend, Gavyn, killed himself. 

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