I don't know about You

October 21, 2017
By WillMasters BRONZE, Bethesda, Maryland
WillMasters BRONZE, Bethesda, Maryland
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i think of You every night, every day, every morning

every time i see the leaves falling, often
in autumn
every time i think of You, i recline and unwind
it’s kinda of sublime,
in a minute, nobodies mind
is brighter
than mine
You the light that just shines, so bright
yeah it blinds
don’t know why I like it, it’s like it’s so right
and wrong
and the ride that i’m on, i want to be on
with You
i see all the things
that we
could see and do,
man, it’s gotta be You, or is it not
what it seems
is my obsession a blessing or is it
a product of dreams?
gotta be one or the other, brother,
i just can’t decide
being honest is a process
that lodges deep in the mind
i’d be lying if i said i could find
another like You,
i like You, but there are just times, i wish
i could write You
i gotta trust
my gut and just be
a little freer
is what i feel for You real, though,
or just an idea?
in my mind, i was born
a victim devoid of
all conviction, annoyed
with all the diction
of boys who talked to women, wishing,
we, could talk but thoughts
of sympathy,
would, often, walk in, as your reasons for
speaking to me so,
i believed i should just be
so eager,
to be your friend, believe me
if i could, i would’ve signed
in pen
to reside and lend time
till we’re dying and then
oblige to your wishes, tries and whims,
but visions,
are all that these are, while all that we are,
is an opportunity
with every day
blatant mistakes i’ve been making
while i just feel,
like you’re waiting,
for me to say that,
i like you
without a written arrangement
thinking and saying, just sit don’t quit,
persist the risk and
be patient,
she’ll come
i feel dumb, as i sit here
in this basement,
fearing you’re taken,
appearing unfazed, but lying and faking,
i’m dying to take it
fate, man i’m trying to change it
but, what if it shouldn’t
be changed?
what if this is how it’s meant
to be?
i’ll just remember You and
You’ll just remember
different grades, the days
lodged in my memory
every day
on the missed, mistakes too long to list,
to be honest
is to say
it’s dawning on me
that You may have gotten away, (lost in the haze)
if You hadn’t,
i wouldn’t be rapping
having to say
(how) i think of you morning every night morning and today

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