Heart Failure

October 19, 2017
By Anonymous

My name is anonymous but don’t be fooled,I'm just a person sitting next to you acting normal. Therefore you don’t see what's happening on the inside the pain i'm feeling. So here my little story of me when I had a heart failure.

When I was born no one had any idea of there being a problem with my heart. I was a small baby only 7lb and 4oz and only 19 inches long but that little heart was beating too fast for its own good. They said that “everything was fine”  well they was right nothing bad happened for a long time. I started to do track and was running a lot and I loved it more than anything else. Everyone supported me watched me get so far with the running then the worse had to happen.

I was in the state championship it was me, my friend josh and we did all of our warm ups then we sat down. He looked at me and said “good race right” I told him we always do. He looked at me with something in his eye and he asked if I was ok, I said “Yeah i'm all good but them in my head some like god was telling me not to run today turn my head….. Walk away”. I couldn't quit running it was everything to me I kept warming up kept talking to the couch about how I can push to win. I put my foot on the line and not knowing it would be my last time.

I waited for the gun to shoot that blank bang I started running I was catching up to third he kept his feet light and stayed in front till he got tired  i started to pick up my speed because i was taught not to waste my energy till the very end. I finally started winning couple steps in front of him 20 meters from the finish line…..My heart stopped i hit the floor slid 5 feet on my face from what people said then people said everyone ran to me to see what happen. My father and my step mom were crying their eyes they said i was dead right there but soon as the ambulance got there they hit me with paddles.I was back to life so they took me to the hospital everything was gonna be ok. But after that my life has completely changed something i loved had to be giving up and i can tell you it's not funny having something you love be ripped from you. But it was a new start they said for me to finally try something new

My parents never wanted me outside or doing anything with sports anymore i loved everything.Till now i'm trying to do it again even if it means another heart fail because i love sports always will this was my true story on my heart failuire.

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