12 ways of looking at firsts

October 18, 2017
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Among the millions of beautiful things on earth,
My love was a flower waiting to bloom 
At the first glance of you.

You were the first thought,
Like an instinct 
In which I knew I loved you.

I was colorblind to love.
And your flushed cheeks showed me pink.

A first and a heartbreak are one.
A first, a heartbreak, and you are one.

I do not know which to prefer,
The touch of your soft lips 
Or the touch of your soul.
Perfect firsts
And nothing after.

Your hands are sandpaper 
Caressing my face.
The layers fell just as I did.
At first,
I realized the pain was tolerable
Until you finally let go.

I know your words,
Thoughts, and mannerisms.
But I know too,
That silence was new
In my firsts.

When you realized I would always be here
It marked the beginning 
Of one of many late nights.

At the first sight of trouble 
You flew towards the dark,
The dark never phased me.
So I turned on my light, so you could shine too.

Your blue eyes halt sleep
Tanned skin,
Smoother than your lies 
Your lips curve slightly calling shots.
My heart you hold recklessly
I discovered my first beautiful nightmare
And I wasn't asleep.

You spread your wings and just as quickly as you came.
You flew, to her.

It was a first of momentous proportions 
It was dark
It was going to stay dark in a pink world.
And the tear fell
In the first heartbreak.

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