October 18, 2017
By x-phobbles BRONZE, New York, New York
x-phobbles BRONZE, New York, New York
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i want to see the universe.
i want to find everything
that no one else has dared to look for.

i want to go past the moon,
past our solar system.
past my everything and anything.

i don't want to live life
in our small world.

one step for man is a millimeter.
one leap is an inch.

i can't help but think it's always there.

every second,
it's there.

sometimes we forget.
we're consumed by our small problems
and our small society
and our small

but the universe is always there.

maybe there's something important on the other end of the universe,
but we'll never find it
because a step for mankind is a millimeter.

and it would take over a million
of our steps to have barely begun the journey.

maybe sometimes i feel empty,
but these thoughts fill me up.

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