talking on the bench

October 18, 2017
By lettingo BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
lettingo BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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talking on the bench
is slowly falling in love
with your voice saying

my name and your face,
flushed after practice, every
detail of your eyes

blue and green like the
ocean, where i first loved you
your hair, sand yellow

but dark when it’s wet
your laugh when you are truly
happy and nothing

else matters, when your
hands are in my hair and i
close my eyes, just for a quick

moment that i wish
would stay alive forever
but it dies and you

forget about me,
slowly, but i will always
remember you and

the days before we
got old, grew apart,
and lost it all, everything we ever had and were.

talking on the bench
is realizing that you
never cared about

me or anyone
at all, and hating myself
for falling for you

losing everything
on the way down, and the worst
was losing myself

over hours thinking
about you in the car, and
moments i spent way

too long trying to
remember every detail
of, from the shirt you

were wearing, to the
way your hands felt in my hair,
to your laugh in the

waves, what it was like
to be next to you in the
dark, touching your feet through a blanket,

but still reminding
myself that you don’t care, you
never did, but still

never forgetting anything.

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