October 18, 2017
By Cocobean DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
Cocobean DIAMOND, Brooklyn, New York
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everyday she smears blood on her lips

because beauty is pain

and she just wants to be pretty

the blue that shadows her eyes

is the powder of bruises

her cheeks are always tinted pink

with the brush of a fist

draped over her collarbones

a necklace of scars

gives her a touch of elegance

her lashes are long

because her nerves make her fingers

makeup artists

jaw sharp, cheekbones defined

highlighted by the shadow of emptiness

that keeps the sun from shining

so no one sees her flaws

her smile is perfect

she can taste the blood on her teeth

it stings her tongue

and makes her mouth taste like metal

throat burn

heart sear

but she swallows it down

and smiles

beauty is pain

but no matter how she hurts

she never feels pretty

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