Just Leave Me Be!

October 18, 2017
By sweetheart10 BRONZE, Marvin, North Carolina
sweetheart10 BRONZE, Marvin, North Carolina
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Please, please have mercy on me!

The needles, the knives,

Just let me be!


I'm a white-coated worker in China

But my jacket,

No matter how clean,

No matter how many times it's washed,

It is not blood-free.


Your hands are no exception,

Pulling me from my cage

In a cruel election

Of who gets picked today 

To be the new stain

on the stiff, white lab coat.


I'm a scientist!

I went through years of college.

i know what I'm doing.

I gained all the knowledge,

Except one lesson I guess that I missed,

That animals have a life and a soul.

They're not meant for us to reach our goal

Of creating a less harmful mascara or

The best smelling perfume of this era.

Because no matter how much of that i use

The smell of blood will still be on this stiff, white lab coat.


You don't realize that while you go home,

I will be cramped and crowded but still alone

In this dark, damp, dirty cage,

Where I have spent all my days.

Where I will never see the sun's rays.

Where I can only dream of open fields to graze

When you go to church on every Sunday

No matter how much you hope and you pray,

You will never get rid of your sins on that 

Stiff, white lab coat.


How bad can it be

If you can't speak?

You are not the same as me

At least not biologically.

I bet I have the cure 

for cancer,


and heart disease.

So the pain you must endure

is nothing compared to 

Making sure humanity's health is secure.


Just because we cannot communicate the same way

Does not make it okay.

I am silenced only when my pain

Has repeated every day,

And my cries,

And my screams,

And my pleas,

Along with the medicines you feed to me,

That damage and burn and sting my throat.

How an you still be proud of your work,

When killing animals is like clockwork?

Do you still want to wear that stiff, white lab coat?


I'm giving research information, data, and stats

But does all that make up for the fact

That I'm still taking innocent lives

By gasses, injection, toxins, and knives?

Our ethics and morals that make us human

I have lost those, they have been ruined.

Because even though I gain money from your pain

As a person I am bankrupt with no values to my name.

If I have lost what makes me human,

Why do I get to decide who lives and shouldn't ?


To have owners that play with me,

To be loved,

To be cared for,

Is it too much to ask

A life of happiness, an idea too far to grasp?

I'm pushed farther to death and insanity

Since you've lost your humanity.


Why do you have the right to do what you do

When your're no closer to your medical break-through?

The end does not justify the means

When millions of lives end for your vaccines.

Saying "it's better them than us" is only a scapegoat

Because the same bleach you use to burn me

Is the same bleach you use to clean the blood

off of your stiff, white lab coat.

The author's comments:

We wanted to write this free verse to depict the 2 sides of the argument for and againist animal testing. 

The animal is scared and pleads with the scientist to see him/her as a living soul. The scientist in turns trys to validate his job with helping humanity. He argues with himself until he realizes that he is wrong. 

We hope that people will only buy organic cosmetics that have not been tested on animals. 

Thank you

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