October 18, 2017
By Anonymous

I love winterbreak

the air gets cold

and nips at your nose

since it doesnt snow 

where I live, me and 

my family visit my dad's 

side of the family.

me and my cousins get

in epic snowball fights

and I usually win.

while that happens my 

little sister,my uncle, and dad

make a snow man with

a red scarf and black eyes

and smile. The arms are

made out of tree branches that

they find on the ground.

I also love to be with my family

inside drinking how chocolate and

watching movies while snuggelded

in warm blankets.

while all this happens my mom ,

my aunt, and my grandma make

the food which is always 

so delishiouse.

this is my winter holiday.

whats your?

The author's comments:

I love the winter time

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