For my Fiance

October 18, 2017
By Kj0416 BRONZE, Rustburg, Virginia
Kj0416 BRONZE, Rustburg, Virginia
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A soulmate, to me, is like a best friend, but more. Its the one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else. That someone who makes you a better person. No, actually, they don't make you a better person. You do that to yourself because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone you carry with you forever. It's one person who knew you and believed in you before anyone else did, or anyone else would. And no matter what happens, you'll always love them, and nothing can change that. I want to spoil you, encourage you, and love you. I want to be there beside you as your fulfilling your dreams, encouraging you every step of the way. I want to make you laugh when you're having a bad day. I want to make you fall in love with me when you're having a bad day. It's not always what you can do for me but what I can do for you. In my opinion, that's love. Its when you stop being selfish and start being selfless. 
Baby, I know loving me is hard. Some days I'm all smiles and affection, and then other days, I want nothing more than to just lie in bed and be quiet. Sometimes I get angry about stupid things and won't want to talk to anyone. Other days, I'll think that you're the most perfect in the world. Please don't give up on me. I know it's not easy, but I will always love you. I'm so glad I can be your fiance. waking up in the mornings, I now say...I have a fiance. I have someone who isn't going to leave me. I have someone to start a family with. And that someone, I would never trade for the world. I love you so much.

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