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October 18, 2017
By laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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Why do you have to strive for perfection?
There's no mention
Of an election
Or selection
Of what section
You need to change
Or if you need to change.


What choice do you have but to
Change all of it?
Who cares if you've been equipt
With anything that'll make you look "lit"?


Find any ticket
Any trinket
Any trick
Anything at all
Until you get sick of it
Or just simply sick.


But even then
You won't fit in.
You and perfection are an oxymoron
Because that's what you are.
A moron.

For believing you can resemble perfection.
For believing you can be chosen for something.
For believing you can be something special.


That is what society says.
But I beg to differ.


Striving for perfection
Isn't always perfection.
Skipped meals
And marked-up wrists
Just to be a representation
Of perfection
Is not worth the position.


Be the selection
Who won't die for perfection,
But be content with the message
"You are perfect as you are!"


Go into your homes, schools, and workplaces
Knowing you are perfect as is.
There's no need to strive
For something you already are.

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