Slamming doors

October 17, 2017
By Alex_Storm SILVER, Logan, Utah
Alex_Storm SILVER, Logan, Utah
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The louder the slamming doors get the more the music gets turned up.

If you ignore the fighting everything will work out just fine.

I don’t want a marriage like that.

If you don’t love each other then what are you fighting for?


It can't be us

when all you do is tear our family apart

The noise gets louder

the yelling won't stop

Can't you both see when enough is enough


There is no love in this house

don't you think it's time to let it go?

The noise won't stop 

hasn't anyone besides me had enough?


I try to ignore it 

I really do

but you'd find it hard to ignore 

if all they were yelling about was you.

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