Call Me Passion

October 17, 2017

I count on people’s attitudes daily
I search to find deprived souls,to bring them back to life.
I walk with emotion lingering on my face.
I love to do what other people want to do.
As long as I get a smile on their face.
I strive.
I strive.
To work hard and feel the joy that encaves others.
I care about others sometimes more than my own self.
I want to feel the happiness flood Threw my heart and just Yell”Whoooa”!
Giving up is never who’ll I'll be.
Motivation is the word for me.
My personality’s job is to pull love Out of others.
Passion is what you would call me !
“Longing for the best”
And once you’ve grasped it
You will never want to release.
You will continue and never give. Up!

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