Because I love you

October 17, 2017
By Society.x.Reject GOLD, Atascosa, Texas
Society.x.Reject GOLD, Atascosa, Texas
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I will catch you when you fall
I will sweep you off your feet
I will protect you through it all
Would you do the same for me?

She holds my hand when I feel defeat
She keeps me smiling when times are tough
She makes me giggle when I need it most
She keeps me warm
And I would do the same for her

He makes me take my meds
He gets me out of bed
He takes me to every visit
He is there when I feel weak
He is there when I feel strong
He is my backbone through this sickness
And I would do the same for him

Mommy give the best advice
Mommy protect me night and day
Mommy wipe my tears away when daddy is away
Mommy check for monsters under the bed
Mommy kisses me on my head
Mommy tells me it’s alright
And I would do the same for her

Daddy sends letter while he’s away
Daddy keeps the bad guys away
Daddy calls every night
Daddy never gives up the fight
Daddy protects us from afar
And I would do the same for him

We help each other out
We we never let them down
We watch each other’s backs
We will be there in a flash

Why? Because I love you

The author's comments:

We need to learn to love each other. In life we create many relationships with parents, friends, partners etc. so we must make sure we are creating good relationships.

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