The End of Life

October 15, 2017
By Anonymous

the last breath you will ever take, the last step you will ever plant, the last sight you will see, before you fall into an endless oblivion, before you leave behind those who love you, before you stop existing.
as you think of everything you could’ve done better, as you think of every decision you’ve ever made, as you reach out and touch the hand of God; what a release Death is, it is the great equalizer, the only thing promised to us in a world of lies, the only constant.
Death does not judge, Death does not care if you are arrogant or selfless, courageous or afraid, elderly or a mere infant, Death steals, yet it also gives us what we work toward our entire life, a legacy.
finally, after the years of joy and sorrow, of heart ache and ecstasy, of worship and struggle, Death strikes.
it steals not from the individual, but from the masses, from the people, only from those who will feel it. Death, the only truth, the champion of the people, the end of life.

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