An Agreement Between the Earth and the Sky

October 15, 2017

You can have the moon, the sun, and the stars,
glistening brightly, against the bold blue sky.

If I can have the luscious green grass,
sparkling like diamonds, with dew drops, in the early morning light.

You can have the barren tree tops,
where the patient owl camouflages himself, eyeing his prey.

If I can have the tree base,
where the hungry grey squirrel goes to hide his nuts in the soil for winter.

You can have the air goers,
flying in their planes, zipping through marshmallow like clouds to  exotic destinations.

If I can have the sailers,
cruising along the choppy ocean blue, on a warm summer day.

You can have freedom and limitless possibilities.

If I can have stability and no worries.

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