Figurines on the Window Sill

October 15, 2017
By mckaylamajor BRONZE, Auburn Hills , Michigan
mckaylamajor BRONZE, Auburn Hills , Michigan
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You stand so
Tall, so
Strong, so
Only beheld by few.

Although transparent,
A box withholds you;
On the inside, gazing outwards.
Never to be handled by this

Encompassed by a sea of
Hopelessness and
Still, you arise, challenging the monster.
Ready for war.

Possibilities become
The impossible
Here you are,
Ready to save the day.

Standing tall,
Conceived from the unknown,
Spawned to inspire.
This is who you were
Shaped to be.

A hero, hardly seen.

The author's comments:

This poem was a project for school. Our teacher challenged us to write about an object in the room that seemed unpoetic and simply impossible to write about. While brainstorming, I noticed two action figures sitting on the window sill. And thus, a poem was born! Enjoy! 

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