Soul no more

October 15, 2017
By Emily.P SILVER, Queens, New York
Emily.P SILVER, Queens, New York
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 You took part of my soul, you snatched it away when I wanted you take care of it. You crumbled my soul into your hands, and you never let it go. You made me believe you were going to nourish my soul, love my soul, and give my soul prosperity. But instead you did the exact opposite, you wore my soul out, you beat it, held it hostage, told it beautiful lies. You see I thought I could trust you with my soul, I thought you needed my soul to help yours, so we could rise together but I saw that you didn't  have a soul after all. And in the end my soul was dead and gone just like me. We are both departed and are no more, now you will soon have to find another soul to take away.

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