Glory Of Death

October 15, 2017


"Oh yes, promotion and prosperity
Just kill some men during the war's gravity
A shining new armor, a gold plated gun
,And a glorious name awaits you my son"

These were the promises,
These were the lies
These were the words they said,
They said to me, "the glory will me mine"
they hurl at me, in my brain they dwell
For i am standing right inside this hell
That man is dying, i see her daughter crying
Right beside his limbless corpse,
she cries so loud, stuttering the clouds
These demons above my head, oh god!
Those demonic beaurocrats and generals and lords
Why did the started this hell I wonder
Thunder!! Bestowed upon men alive
Swords and shields and knives collide
Severed veins and arteries
Heart beating in an open chest
Rest in peace, oh souls of my friend
Delusions I see, I see their wives
I see their children, their fading lives
They're standing in the fields of grain
Rains upon them the blood of sorrow
Darkness and loneliness is all they can borrow
For this war destroyed their bright tomorrow
My friend lies here, in front of my eyes
In the name of glory, he met his demise
No soul is alive enough to listen,
Just a hollow helmet and a breastplate to glisten
And yes I see, I see far away
A wave of emotions coloured so red
Coming this way, to crush my head
Dead are my legs, dead are my arms
My sword, my shield both lying unharmed
And the history shall know
That with my last breath
I named this story
The glory of death

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