October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

I am only simple and human
I often wonder what it is that’ll define my life
I hear the glories of others in ages past
I see the splendor of the world
I want to one day venture to the places I dream
But I am only simple and human
I pretend that I’m never worried
I feel as so I’ll fail to grasp the right opportunities
I touch on the borderline of creativity
I worry that I’ll never find a home with others
I cry at the thought of death
For I am only simple and human
I understand that the world is rough and I must persevere
I say that I’ll be successful someday
I dream of places greater than where I stand
I try to make those around me happy
I hope one day someone will accept me wholly, even if just one.
Because we are all simple and human,
Just in our own ways.

The author's comments:

I had wrote this according to a prompt in my Creative Writing class and went with it, I actually ended up really like the content present despite the somewhat grim tone. 

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