October 13, 2017
By BlueLion SILVER, Kansas City, Kansas
BlueLion SILVER, Kansas City, Kansas
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As I wish for him to arrive and sit here by my side.
I lean over to touch the icy creek.
While an acidic tear rolls down my cheek.

The night is ominous having a momentous sleepy daze,
the moon is full and one could smell the lingering haze,
the ground is damp from the evening rain.

The crickets are chirping,
and the cicadas are buzzing.
The owls are cooing,
but I know it is me they are viewing.
A lonely girl, waiting for a friend,
hoping to make amends.

I see a shadow strolling on the old dreary path,
rustling the browning leaves on this old footpath.
Closer and closer, till he arrives to sit here by my side.

He sits quietly,
holding my hand ever so tightly.
I look at his downy, dark brown hair.
For the last time, as I was about to complete my heart’s final dare.
Our legs dangle over the cool river bed,
as I pull out a silver knife from behind death’s head.

His dark brown eyes now turned blue,
as he sees what I am about to do.
I grabbed his neck
and slit his throat.
I could now hear him start to bloodily choke.

Blood spewed out red and free.
I dropped the knife so carefully,
And cleaned his throat,
so it would be pure of blood and gloat.
Once again I took the sharp object,
And jammed it through my heart with no regret.

I am happy as can be
Because I knew our love could never be.
I had to put an end to him and me.
So we could be together, forever in all eternity.

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