Only Fools Rush In.

October 13, 2017
By Anonymous

To hide a façade of endearment, from Eros himself, is effortless once you’ve sold every part of your own and are now an erased space waiting to be filled in by the next.

Is it possible to resent someone you love? Someone you want to spend your life with? How is this possible, when every word muttering from their mouth seethes you? When the way they walk, talk, breathe, how they call your name at two AM, how they share their entire life with you, how they exist, brings you to dementia, when you can’t even tell who you are anymore? Even with all of this, I simply can’t find it in myself to separate my life from yours.
I just want you to be happy.
I adore being next to you. In my world of pressed moons and charcoal skies, sharp rain piercing my skin, and the blindness of my own ignorance, the astonishing light of your existence helps me see again. When God returns to earth, his finest creation glows in the midst of chaos; a perfect silhouette. It is my duty to gratify this perfection, it is only right in the name of all that is perfect, by giving you what you truly deserve –
Everything. Right?
I award you my unending affection. The comforting warmth under the protection of my arms. Every ounce of myself, my being, is yours to hold and control. My delicacy is given for you only, as I quiver behind a cloak. You’re perfect… at least, everything thinks you are.

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